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Michael Schurer

Michael Schurer

The most Important part of every real estate transaction is YOU.
We understand that Luxury transcends mere material possessions; it’s an Experience, a feeling of Indulgence and Satisfaction that Enriches one’s Life. Whether you’re purchasing a starter home or a multi-million dollar estate, true luxury lies in how a property resonates with your Soul and Enhances your daily existence. It’s about the Comfort of coming home to a space that reflects your Style and Personality, the Joy of creating Cherished Memories with loved ones, and the Fulfillment of achieving your Dreams, no matter the scale. In essence, Luxury is about elevating the everyday, finding Beauty in the simplicity of a cozy nook or the grandeur of a sprawling estate. It’s a Sentiment that knows no bounds and can be found in the smallest of details, making every home, regardless of its price tag, a Sanctuary of Luxury and Refinement.

With this at the very core of our business, Michael Schurer and Walt Ford joined forces and created the IMS Realty Broker Team.
With two licensed Nevada Real Estate Brokers at the helm of the team. Bringing you the most Complete, Satisfying and Luxurious experience when selling or purchasing Las Vegas Real Estate.

Michael Schurer has many years of Real Estate experience under his belt, and also carries an intimate knowledge of the International market gained through extensive travel abroad as well as owning properties internationally himself, While living in his now home city of Las Vegas, he enjoys dealing with clients from all over the globe and brings with him a unique and finely honed set of skills.

Michael also carries the distinctive designations of Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist, Seller Representative Specialist, and is a Certified Negotiation Expert.

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